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You portrait is unlike any other, completely special to you. Click here to get your best personally tailored feedback based on your specific vision, ideas and photos, a time esimate and custom quote.

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Custom Oil Portrait Options in US Dollars

maria waye artist women custom oil portrait for art lovers add to your collection original fine art painting

 Need a size and layout not listed here?

Your portrait is completely unique. Click here to get your best personally tailored feedback based on your ideas and photos, a time estimate and custom quote.

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Size Options

Possible Layout 

1 person/pet  2 people/pets 3 people/pets 4 people/pets

11x14 inches


28x36 cm

  Maria Waye

Head and shoulders/upper chest, with a small pet if it fits 600 720 - -

12x16 inches


31x40 cm

 artist Maria Waye toronto canada maria waye portrait artist toronto canada amazing likeness oil painting children family couples Maria Waye artist portrait painting oil babies

Head to chest of one person, plus one small pet, or two small heads, or one whole baby
670 810 - -

16x20 inches


40x51 cm

Maria Waye Head to waist for one person, or a double/triple portrait 860 1040 1210 -

18x24 inches 


46x61 cm

Maria Waye Maria Waye This larger size has enough space to include head to hip for one or two adults or full length small children standing or sitting, plus a nice background. 1100 1320 1540 1760



24x30 inches


60x76 cm 

Maria Waye This larger size is a statement piece, perfect for almost full length portraits. There is enough space to include a family and background scenery.  1300 1560 1810 2070

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How do I get started?

It's easy! Simply start by asking me about your idea. You can email photos to  maria@mariawaye.com or upload your photos here, and I'll reply with personal feedback and offer ideas. 

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How much is my custom portrait going to be?

Your portrait is completely unique, so the best way to easily find out what options work best for you is to upload your photos and ask me for a custom quote.

Ask me about your portrait

You can also use this chart as a general guide to get an idea of possible painting sizes, how many people/pets, and how much of each person/pet is included.

Want a size and layout not listed here? Need combining, changing or adjusting your reference photos?
Please feel free to contact me so I can get a better idea of your needs and give a custom quote with options for you to consider. Usually I can accommodate simple changes and combining for no additional amount, except when it's significantly more complex; in such situations, a 5-10% additional amount may be required, but you and I will chat about it first so you can be completely comfortable and clear with all details of your investment before we begin. 

Ask me about your portrait

Customer Review of Portrait Artist Maria Waye Top Rated 5 star happy testimonials Toronto Canada Specializing in Custom Portrait Oil Paintings for People Families Children and Couples

How does this all work?

It's easy! You can just email me at  maria@mariawaye.com or upload your photos here and I'll guide you through the steps.

Ask a question and upload your photos

See how this process works

5 easy steps:
1. Start by asking me about your idea. You can email photos to maria@mariawaye.com or upload your photos here
2. I reply with my thoughts and offer options that work well for you.
3. If you like the idea, you let me know and I help set up your order.
4. I paint the portrait and email you photos of the painting for approval.
5. You love it and I ship it to you.
Click here to see how this all works!

See how this process works

Looking for a custom portrait oil painting of your son or daughter? Toronto Artist Maria Waye can paint a flattering joyful and warm likeness to make your dream come true

How long does it take?

Please feel free to contact me for a specific time estimate. It varies from 2 to 12 weeks depending on my schedule, your portrait's complexity and shipping location.

Do you need it by a certain date? Maybe I can help, so please ask so I can do my best to make you happy!Custom Portrait Oil Painting Fine Art Family Children Portraits by Maria Waye Canada

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Can you change or combine photos?

Yes, I'm happy to accommodate most requests for simple changes and combinations, such as removing something from the background, darkening your eyebrows or changing your shirt color.

If it's something complex, please ask me whether it's possible so I can give customized feedback. For very complex portraits, upgrades are available for an additional 5-10% of the total investment, considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me and I'll have a look at your photos. 

Ask me a question!

Custom Portrait Toronto Oil Painting by Artist Maria Waye Father Daddy Mommy and me baby portrait art commission from photos

Can I order a size not listed? How about a different layout?

Yes, I'd love to see your photos so I can confirm whether it's possible!  Please contact me for recommendations and custom options based on your needs. 

I'd love to listen and help you set up a special order not listed on my options chart, especially in situations such as:

- complex group portraits 

- combining more than 6 photos

- requests to paint things that aren't there in your photo

- fitting more people/pets than I usually do into the client's requested size constraint

- painting from low quality or blurry photos 

- if you need sizes that I can't buy locally, your portrait panel will be special ordered from the U.S. 

You and I will talk first to make sure you're absolutely completely happy, satisfied and clear with the details before we begin, so you know exactly what you're getting, and confident that we're on the same page and I completely understand your needs

 Please contact me for a custom quote.  

You can also email photos to maria@mariawaye.com

upload your photos here

How about shipping?

Secure, Trackable Shipping for Your Valuable Artwork

Yes, I ship internationally!

Request Shipping Rates and Transit Time

After you place an order, you'll receive a message from me to say hello and thank you, and to let you know when your custom portrait will be ready for approval.

You'll be glad to know that when shipping to the US and Canada, every custom portrait includes tracking and delivery confirmation, and every custom portrait over $150 comes with signature confirmation to ensure your painting arrives safely.

Your painting will arrive safely and securely lots of stiff cardboard padding. Where possible, I use recycled/reclaimed materials to pass the savings on to you. International shipping outside of the US and Canada: I'm happy to ship to worldwide art lovers.

If you'd like a shipping quote, please let me know your location, so that I can reply with the most accurate shipping rate.

Request Shipping Rates and Transit Time

Please note, customs duty fees or applicable taxes on international purchases, are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. For orders outside the US and Canada, allow extra time for the item to go through customs inspection. VAT or customs duties are not included in shipping charges. Please contact your customs office for fees as you may need to pay them upon delivery.

UK Customers: Please be advised that original art purchases may be charged a 20% VAT by your customs office, and there may also be a handling fee from the UK post office. Combined Shipping: I can combine shipping costs on similarly sized paintings, please contact me if you have questions for multiple purchases, so that I can reply with the most accurate shipping rate.

Request Shipping Rates and Transit Time

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