Portrait Price Guide

Thank you for your interest in commissioning a portrait!

A portrait of loved one can be a stunning addition to any home; a cherished heirloom that celebrates a relationship, honors an achievement, or captures the innocence of childhood.

To give you an idea, here are some samples of different sizes and layouts. If you need a size or format that isn't shown here, please feel free to ask!

Framing is not included, but I'll be happy to offer my advice and recommendations.



Head and Shoulders (smaller sizes)

8x10"  This size looks best for a close up, head to collar/top of shoulders, minimal background

One subject: 650 USD


11x14”  This size looks best with 1 person and/or a small pet, head to shoulders, minimal background.

One subject: 700 USD

Two subjects: 880 USD


12x16” This size looks best with 1-2 people, head to shoulders, or one sitting baby.

One subject: 780 USD

Two subjects: 980 USD


Head to Waist (medium sizes) 

16x20” looks best with 1-2 people, head to chest/waist.

One subject: 1040 USD

Two subjects: 1350 USD


18x24” looks best with 1-3 people, head to waist/hip, or toddlers full length.

One subject: 1260 USD

Two subjects: 1640 USD

Three subjects: 2030 USD


Full length (large size)

24x36”  looks best for full length or group portraits with a nice background.

One subject: 2600 USD

Two subjects: 3380 USD

Three subjects: 4160 USD

Four subjects: 4940 USD


Other formats may be available, please feel free to ask any questions!


Need help? Please feel free to ask questions using the form below.