Pastel Portraits

Pastel Portrait Options

updated 2016, prices in USD

Please start by sending photos to I would be happy to hear your ideas; together we can find out which option suits you best. I will reply with feedback and a time estimate based on your photos.

Your painting size depends on how much of the body is included, how many people and what kind of background. Smaller paintings work best for zoomed in, up close and intimate portraits. Larger paintings work best for showing more body, people and background space.

Upgrades such as significant changes, combining photos, complex clothing and special props, etc. are props etc. Are available for an additional fee.

Please contact me for your custom quote.


Two styles of pastel 

choose from:

Pastel with watercolor

Pastel sketch

If you have questions, please email me at 9x12”Pastel+ Watercolor of girl

To see more of my paintings, please visit

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Size Options

Popular Layout Examples


1 person/pets

2 people/pets

3 people/pets

4 people/pets

9x12 inches

23x30 cm


Close up head with a bit of shoulders

Pastel sketch 200

Pastel with watercolor 300




11x14 inches

28x36 cm


Head and shoulders of one person, with a small pet if it fits

Pastel sketch 240

Pastel with watercolor 380

Pastel sketch 340

Pastel with watercolor 480



12x16 inches

31x40 cm


Head to chest of one person, plus one pet, or two small heads,

or one whole baby

Pastel sketch 300

Pastel with watercolor 460

Pastel sketch 400

Pastel with watercolor 560



16x20 inches

40x51 cm


Head to waist

for one person,

or a double/triple


Pastel sketch 380

Pastel with watercolor 550

Pastel sketch 480

Pastel with watercolor 660

Pastel sketch 580

Pastel with watercolor 770


18x24 inches

46x61 cm


This larger size has enough space to include head to hip for one or two adults standing/sitting,

or full length children standing or sitting, plus a nice background to add character.

Pastel sketch 500

Pastel with watercolor 680

Pastel sketch 610

Pastel with watercolor 790

Pastel sketch 720

Pastel with watercolor 900

Pastel sketch 830

Pastel with watercolor 1020