Extra portrait info for price invest page

'm happy to accommodate most requests for simple changes, such as removing something from the background, or changing a shirt color, anything that I can do easily to make you happy.

Some situations may require an upgrade of 5-10% of the total investment value, such as:

- complex group portraits of more than 4 people with many body parts and objects, such as hands, clothing pattern, etc, that take longer to paint

- complicated compositions made of more than 6 photos that take additional time to arrange, adjust or combine 

- requests to paint things that aren't there in the photo (for example adding realistic roses)

- fitting more people/pets than I usually do into a client's requested size constraint, because it's much harder to paint mini portraits than regular size

- painting from low quality, tiny or blurry photos 

- if you need sizes that I can't buy locally, your portrait panel will be special ordered from the U.S. 

You and I will talk first to make sure you're absolutely completely happy, satisfied and clear with the investment details before we begin, so you know exactly what your investment is, and confident that we're on the same page and I completely understand your needs

 Please contact me for a custom quote.