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Art that Makes you Happy to Be Yourself

You know you want a spectacular, amazing life. You want to spend your life doing things that truly matter to you. You want to be deeply happy with being yourself. 

However, it is not easy to feel conflicted between living life the way you want, and having other's approval. 

Others have expectations. People like to tell you what you should do, and how you should feel.

Society disapproves of those who do not fit into certain standards. There is always pressure to follow the rules. 

Maria Waye artist in Toronto Canada Specializing in Flowers Plants oil paintings

Even with all the outside influences, you still hear your inner voice, calling out for a fulfilling life that makes your greatest dreams come true.

Deep down, you know you are uniquely perfect and lovable exactly as you are.

So you are creating a life that pleases yourself first of all, filled with people and things that matter to you. 

You especially enjoy art that is meaningful to you and tells your story, art that is much more than pretty decoration.

maria waye unique art for unique women original oil paintings of plants flowers garden lover gift

Hello, vibrant spirit! I make art that to celebrate your uniqueness and strengthen your courage, so you can be truly happy and free to live the life you want.   

Art for gardeners gift for plant and flower lovers oil painting art floral botanical paintings


Maria Waye original fine Art for gardeners gift for plant and flower lovers oil painting art floral botanical paintingsmaria waye art oil painting florals botanicals home decor antiques granny chic eclectic collection framed

"Exquisite work of art that I could not wait to display. Love this each time I look at it - thank you!"

-Holly Johnson, IL, USA

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