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Art that Makes You Happy to Be Yourself

You know how it is like...
to be judged for not fitting in,
to be disapproved of for being different,
to feel unlovable and defective.


Maria Waye flower art love yourself COMICS DRAWINGS PAINTINGS FINE ART

Deep down, you know you are unique and wonderful as you are, but there is always pressure to fit in. After all, society approves of the "well-behaved", "normal" and “perfect”. 


It is easy to get confused and distracted by the world constantly pressuring us to change and conform, to compare ourselves to ideal standards.

Maria Waye artist in Toronto Canada Specializing in Flowers Plants oil paintings

I'm Maria, and I make art help you embrace your uniqueness and find courage to live freely, so that you can be truly happy and live the life you really want.

Maria Waye Art ebook courage Live freely and lightly oil painting florals original fine art

Get free art to inspire you to boost your self love and happiness maria waye artist paintings

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