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Helping you enjoy more of the Finer Finest things in life. 

Sara is just like you - busy working hard to take care of her family. She adores her kids and loves to get nice things for them. She likes to make her home comfortable and warm. 

Her walls are decorated with snapshots, but she is looking for a statement art piece to celebrate her love for family.


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You, too, cherish your loved ones, have a passion for home decor, and believe that beauty is a necessity, not a luxury. 

You want to come home to a warm and comforting oasis of elegance.

You enjoy the finer things in life: good food, nice stuff and vacations, but most of all, you value the finest things in life:

- The love you feel gazing into your child's eyes

- The joy you find in connecting with loved ones

- The warmth of your dearest one's smile

You value the finest things in life, and you want your home to reflect your values — especially the art on your walls.

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You want art that you love and enjoy, every time you see it.

maria waye artist custom portraits oil painting children toronto ontario canada  

You want art that brings warmth and happy memories.


You want guests to compliment your collection of original fine art.

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You want  hand-painted  heart-painted art from an artist who cares about you and understands your needs.

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Hi, I'm Maria, and my art is all about bringing people like you - busy art lovers - more of life's finest things: 

- Love:  My art is infused with love for people, creativity and life.

- Joy: I truly enjoy making art, and I believe my art carries this joyful energy into your life.

- Warmth: My art radiates warmth, emotion and "the human touch". I paint from my heart.

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What my portraits bring to your life:

- Butterflies in your stomach as you gaze at this cherished art of your loved ones

- Natural, flattering likeness to bring out your best

- You get fresh, creative, original art that delights you, instead of a mere copy of your photo

- Soulful art made with my lifelong passion of drawing people  

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Maria Waye Twin Babies Custom Portrait Oil Painting

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How I Became a Portrait Artist

maria_waye_cheerful_siblings_portrait_oil_painting_happy kids family art modern decor

At age 4, fascinated by the discovery of stick people, it was noticed by my kindergarten teachers that I wouldn't stop drawing. One even said I looked like I was born holding a crayon.

Capturing people's likenesses became a passion and obsession. I remember long hours and sleepless nights as a teen, trying to get a likeness. 

maria waye

Today I am thankful to my art collectors who let my portraits bring joy and warmth to their homes.

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Let my art bring YOU more enjoyment of the finest things in life!

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