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How do I get started?

It's easy! Simply upload your photos using this form, or email photos directly to and I'll reply with personal feedback and offer ideas.

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How long does it take?

Please feel free to contact me for a specific time estimate.

It varies from 2 to 12 weeks depending on my schedule, your portrait's complexity and shipping location. If you need it sooner, please be sure to ask so I can do my best to make you happy!  

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How much is a custom portrait?

Please see the diagram below for a rough idea of the price range.

Pricing is based on these factors:

- what material is used:  a charcoal drawing, pastel or oil painting?

- what painting size and how much of the body is included in the painting: just the head and shoulders, half or whole body?

- how many subjects: just one person, or a family of people and pets?

Please email your questions to
I'm happy to listen to your ideas, and recommend options that work best for you!

How much does it cost to get a portrait done? How much does a portrait painting cost? Toronto artist Maria Waye specializing in oil painting portraits for children babies and families.

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How does this all work?

It's easy! You can just email me at or upload your photos here, and I'll guide you through the steps.

See how this process works

5 easy steps:

1. Start by asking me about your idea. You can email photos to or upload your photos.

2. I reply with my thoughts and offer options that work well for you.

3. If you like the idea, you let me know and I help set up your order.

4. I paint the portrait and email you photos of the painting. for approval.

5. You love it and I ship it to you.

 For detailed steps of the process, click here

See how this process works

Can you combine or change something in the photo? 

Yes, it may be possible. I'd love to help your dream come true! Depending on your photos and request, I may be able to make it work. Please feel free to ask me and I'll have a look at your photos!

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Can I order a size not listed in the chart? How about a different layout?

Yes, I'd love to see your photos so I can confirm whether it's possible!  Please contact me for recommendations and custom options based on your needs. 

I'd love to listen and help you set up a special order not listed on my options chart.

You and I will talk first to make sure you're absolutely completely happy, satisfied and clear with the details before we begin, so you know exactly what you're getting, and confident that we're on the same page and I completely understand your needs 

Please feel free to ask about your special request by emailing so I can make your dream come true, and give you my thoughts and a custom quote based on your exact needs.

Ask me about your portrait

What kind of portrait should I choose: oil, pastel, or charcoal?

Please feel free to ask me what works best for your portrait. I'm happy to help you choose.

Characteristics of each medium:

Oil paintings

You can appreciate its beauty and richness across the room without glare, in its full glory, because oil paintings are often displayed without glass - it's optional. 

Oil painting also allows the widest range of techniques and most control of the colors, so you'll fall in love with its luxurious elegance.

If you're not sure which to choose, this is a very safe choice that works for most photos, and can be a treasured family heirloom.

Pastel paintings and drawings 

You get brilliant color and a velvety matte surface, unlike any other medium. 

Pastels are finely ground pigment with a minimal amount of binder, so you'll love the gorgeous effect when the powdery stick slides across the paper.

You can choose from two styles of pastel art, either mixed with watercolor, or purely pastel. Both are lovely and I can help you with choosing.

Your portrait will be delicate and should be framed behind glass. I'm happy to offer more framing advice to best show off and preserve your pastel art.

Charcoal drawings

You'll love the allure and drama of black and white art; its sophistication, mystique and timelessness. Maybe it takes you back to the '60s, when both photos and movies were black and white.

You'll love its velvety and matte texture. This option works well for both color and black and white photos.  

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What materials do you use for my portrait?

All materials are archival and acid free, so that you can enjoy the art for many years. 

I am meticulous about choosing quality materials to give you the most beautiful results.

For oil paintings, depending on what works best in your case, I usually paint on either high quality smooth canvas or on Gessobord (museum quality gessoed hardboard), or Jack Richeson Hardboard.  For pastel art, I use specialty artist papers or boards designed for pastels. For charcoal art, I use Canson artist drawing paper.   

Why choose you as my portrait artist?

Because you'll be served with warmth and caring by me, the artist! I'll make sure you feel heard and understood.

You can trust that I'll listen to your needs with care and attention, from start to finish.

I'll offer my artistic advice to match your vision, to make your dream come true.

I'm excited to offer you the best of my passion and creativity. I love painting and I bring my enthusiasm to your portrait.

When you work with me, you're talking to me only! There are no staff members or robot phone operators, so you can feel happy and relaxed knowing I personally care and am eager to listen to your needs.

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Ask me a question! 

What makes your portraits special?

If you want a work of art that is much more than a slavish copy of your photo...

a portrait that has the human touch, full of life and feeling...

You're in the right place! Contact me to discuss your idea.  

Ask me about your portrait

I don't know what size to choose.

It's easy, you don't need to figure it out. You can simply contact me to discuss your idea and I'll reply with a few size and layout options that work for your photo. 

Choosing the perfect size is an art in itself, because your photo is unique in amount of body and background included, the number of people and pets, adjustments required and the photo's resolution. 

So, let me give you the best results and most personalized feedback. Please feel free to send your photos here, and I'll recommend options that work well in your specific case. 

Ask me about your portrait 

In most cases, you'll get the best results when I draw and paint heads that are between 5 to 8.5 inches from chin to the top of the head.

I find this works best with my style of painting, and gives my brushes the right amount of space to blend paint properly, to give you the most flattering complexion.

There may be exceptions where the photo size resolution is too low, or you may want a portrait without less facial detail. I'm happy to chat with you to find out exactly what you want!

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You can see below this portrait of 11x14 inches fits the girl's head and shoulders. If you require more of the body to be included, a bigger picture size may work better. It's best to ask me about your photo, because there are so many variables. 

Ask me a question!

The most important thing is to give you the best result, so let me help you figure out what works best in your case!

Maria Waye Portrait Size Guide

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