Charcoal Portrait Investment Options

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Custom Charcoal Portrait Options in US Dollars

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Upgrades such as significant changes, combining photos, complex clothing and backgrounds, special props, etc. are available for an additional fee. Please contact me for a custom quote. 

Size Options Layout Examples 1 person/pet  2 people/pets 3 people/pets 4 people/pets

9x12 inches 

maria waye custom portrait baby people special love oil painting perfect lovely The head with a bit of shoulders 130 - - -
11x14 inches

  Maria Waye

Head and shoulders/upper chest, with a small pet if it fits 150 - - -
12x16 inches

 artist Maria Waye toronto canada maria waye portrait artist toronto canada amazing likeness oil painting children family couples Maria Waye artist portrait painting oil babies

Head to chest of one person, plus one small pet, or two small heads, or one whole baby
180 260 - -
14x17 inches  maria waye custom portrait baby boy special love oil painting perfect lovely Head to mid chest of one person, may be able to fit in a double portrait depending on your photo 220 310 - -

16x20 inches


Maria Waye Head to waist for one person, or a doule/tripple portrait 250 350 450 -

18x24 inches 

Maria Waye Maria Waye This larger size has enough space to include head to hip for one or two adults or full length children standing or sitting, plus a nice background. 300 420 540 660

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