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Are you ready to have the  Finer  things in life?                    Finest

You enjoy the finer things in life. You appreciate good food and nice stuff. But most of all, you enjoy the finest things in life, such as

-The love you feel gazing into your child's eyes 

- The joy you find in simple ordinary things

-The warmth of your dearest one's smile 

- The beauty of a delicate rose

You value the finest things in life, and what you own reflects your values — especially the art on your walls.

You want art that you truly enjoy, every time you see it.

You want the something that no one else has. You want guests to compliment your good taste.

You don't want "hand-painted" art from someone you don't know. You don't want mass-produced canvas prints from Walmart.

You want heart-painted art by an artist you trust, who cares and understands your needs.


By the way, my name is Maria Waye, and my art is all about bringing you more:

- Love: My art is infused with love — for people, for nature, for creativity, for life.
- Joy: I truly enjoy making art, and I believe my art carries this joyful energy into your life.
- Warmth: My art radiates warmth, emotion and "the human touch" from my heart.
- Beauty: My art helps people see beauty in themselves, in others, and in their world, to find hidden beauty in the ordinary. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." - John Keats
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What my floral/ botanical paintings bring to your life:


- Delightful colors that brighten your space


- The thrill of discovering exquisite beauty in flowers and plants my constant obsessions


- Carefree bliss of the spontaneous, flowing brushstrokes


- Poetic and captivating works of art that your guests will compliment














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My Story: How I lost and rediscovered the finest things in life


The first moment I fell in love with art was when my mom taught me to draw a stick person. I was excited to see that crayons could make people! I started drawing all kinds of faces and poses.



I grew up in Hong Kong, a crowded urban city. When I was 10, my family and I moved to Canada. I was amazed to see a huge expanse of blue sky and beautiful flowers everywhere. This was where my love of nature began.

<--my neighbourhood in HK    Canada-->



I felt awkward in high school and college. I was nerdy and uncool. I desperately wished I could be pretty and fashionable like my peers. I spent lunch breaks hiding in the bathroom. 




After graduating art college with awards, I felt lost. I was so used to being a good student and daughter, doing what I was told, that I never learned to have my own thoughts and decisions.


Without a clear direction, I drifted into boring jobs. I drifted into spending money, time and energy trying to be pretty and fit in, thinking it would make me happy. I finally got approval from others, but I felt empty inside.


It took years to realize that the finest things in life are not having the right clothes, status, good looks or people's approval, but inner peace and happiness, and relationships with my loved ones.



I started working with a wonderful therapist, who helped me rediscover the little girl inside - the girl who loves to draw for its own sake. I realized that my uniqueness and vision is what brings value to people. 



Today I am thankful to all my art collectors, who let me paint their portraits and lift their spirits with my art. Let my art bring YOU more enjoyment of the finest things in life!





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