When You Just Need A Little Joy and Delight

Maria Waye Floral Artist Painting Oil Fine Art Pink Flowers Star Shaped


Walking into a room.

Captivated by your splendid art collection, as you sip your morning tea.

Evocative paintings that speak to you and tell your story.

Sumptuous brushstrokes. Glorious colors.

The tangible sense of the artist who created your treasures.

Sound like a dream come true?


Hi, I'm Maria. I create joyful, uplifting flower art to bring you delight.

 maria waye whats my art about?

As a plant lover, my ideas come from what flowers can teach us about loving ourselves.

I believe we're meant to be happy and free.

To feel wonder and awe. Exhilaration and passion.

To do things that truly satisfy and excite us. 

To fall in love with who we really are.

However, it isn't easy.

Maria Waye comics perfect flowers plants being your unique self artist toronto canada

Life happens. Other people's expectations get in the way. There's pressure to fit into a certain image, to live up to certain standards.

Society praises those who are "well-behaved","normal" and “perfect”.

We're expected to spend time and money to be lovable and acceptable.

Maria Waye Art that lets you Live freely and lightly oil painting florals original fine art comics unique women

I deeply understand the need to hear our own voices, in a world that constantly shouts at us to conform.

For years I thought I wasn't good enough. It's only through painting flowers and plants that I saw in a new light.

Maria Waye Art Artist toronto canada flower plants floral oil painting original comics garden botanical

Here's how my art can inspire you to:

Love Your Uniqueness

You're reminded of the complex mix of qualities that make up your personality, when you see the different shapes and colors that make a bouquet truly one-of-a-kind.

Maria Waye Art that lets you Live freely and lightly oil painting florals original fine art

Be More Daring

You feel braver to go for what you really want, when you admire the courage of plants to live fearlessly, even when others disapprove of them.

Maria Waye Artist Florals Weeds Plants Botanicals Oil Painting Original Fine Art

Live Freely

You feel liberated when you see plants growing with minds of their own, in different directions, shapes and forms, free from imposed standards.

maria waye hydrangea oil painting pink green oil painting fine art toronto canadian artist flowers

Find Your Happiness

You see your unbreakable spirit mirrored in the flowers - kindred souls cheering you on, supporting your search for what makes you happy.

Maria Waye Oil Painting Flowers White Yellow red orange fine art

This is how loving yourself creates an amazing life. 

The artist as a child drawing as a kid Maria Waye drawing painting art toronto canada

A daydreamer who loved to do my own thing

On my report card, my daycare teacher had written, "Maria likes to draw and play quietly."

Funny how her comment precisely described my true self, before I started worrying about people's approval!

Out of place as a quiet, introspective student

In high school, I felt pressure to fit in and be more social, but what I really enjoyed was making art on my own. 

Feeling flawed and inferior

Comparing myself to the popular girls with long legs and perfect faces, I saw in the mirror someone awkward and stubby. 

It didn't help that some judged me for being different. I felt painfully ashamed and desperately wished to be someone else.

Envy towards those who seemed perfect

The one reliable outlet for my feelings was art class in high school.

Here's my interpretation of "Envy", a self-portrait about my anguish of not being pretty and outgoing like everyone else.

Maria Waye Envy Oil Painting

Another painting I did about feeling ugly and different from others... 

Maria waye ugly painting

Disconnected from my real self

After college, I felt more than ever that the world wasn’t a friendly place for those who were different. 

As I kept trying to fit in, I drifted into jobs and lifestyles that didn't suit me, and away from my art.

How plants teach you to love yourself and be yourself

During those dark times, I often walked in nature to find peace. 

Unexpectedly, realizations came as I saw different plants flourishing side by side, freely being themselves without comparing with others or needing approval.

Each was proud to be a unique hue in nature's rainbow. 

Shouldn't we humans be, too?

 Maria Waye Art fine art oil painting flowers yellow red orange pink colorful summer

Inspired by plants growing towards the sun, I felt encouraged to grow towards my own light: self-love, true happiness and my fullest potential.

I began taking care of that passionate little girl inside who loved to draw and paint.

Floral oil painting fine art original painting flowers gardens gardener nature lover colorful art by maria waye toronto artist canada canadian art

Floral Fine art oil painting realistic classic elegant home decor toronto ontario canada by artist maria waye

Let my art make you absolutely ecstatic to be yourself!

Today I'm thankful to you, dear supporters and art collectors who allow me to lift your spirits with my art. 

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I’m thrilled we’re connected, and look forward to sharing more with you.

To your happiest life,

Maria Waye

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