Art that Makes you Happy to Be Yourself

Your home. Your serene sanctuary.

You've always wanted to create a comforting cocoon, filled with art that tells your story and speaks to you.

You’re an art admirer. A nature lover.

And a unique spirit who's always felt a bit different. 

Hi, I'm Maria.

My art helps people who feel different to be themselves and not care what everyone thinks.

You'll find your inner champion in my paintings of flowers that don't apologize for being different. 

Because when your home is full of art that cheers you on to stay true to who you are...

your heart finds strength to do what really matters to you and makes you happy. 

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Maria Waye Art ebook courage Live freely and lightly oil painting florals original fine art

Want a magical combination of fine art paintings, fun cartoons and flower wisdom that feels like having a best friend on call to cheer you on?

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